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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Guess what. After a multi-year bout of writer’s block, I managed to write three sets of lyrics in the past week! Sadly, I have no recording equipment (specifically, a microphone,) which means I can’t add vocals to the music tracks, which means this post will contain lyrics only.

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Eyes Wide Shut was a very strange movie. Whether it was good or not is a much more divisive question, and one which I will leave up to the reader. However, what caught my attention more than anything else was the score used in the infamous masked orgy scene. Having purchased the soundtrack, which I determined to be mediocre overall, I learned that the piece was entitled “Masked Ball” and was composed by British violinist, Jocelyn Pook.

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OOC: Well, I’m a slacker, so instead of more language information, or G-d forbid, an actual narrative story, below the fold you’ll find an explanation of the native Atlantean alphabet.

OOC: I should also take this time to point out that another verbal infix, -thai- has been added to last week’s grammar post.

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