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OOC: Well, I’m a slacker, so instead of more language information, or G-d forbid, an actual narrative story, below the fold you’ll find an explanation of the native Atlantean alphabet.

OOC: I should also take this time to point out that another verbal infix, -thai- has been added to last week’s grammar post.

  • Technically, the Atlantean alphabet is properly classified as an abugida, which means that each character represents a consonant with vowels indicated by diacritic marks.
  • The consonant characters are featural, meaning that the shapes of the characters indicate the place (left stem) and manner (right stem) of articulation. For example, a cross on the left and a loop on the right indicate a bilabial fricative, or an f sound.
  • Two bare stems indicate a word initial vowel.
  • A dot underneath the vowel indicates a weakened vowel.
  • A simplified consonant, without a right stem as shown in the bottom row, indicates a syllable final consonant.

The above chart shows the characters with the Proto-Atlantean values. Kiyatsic uses the same characters unchanged despite their sound changes. Parponic, because of its more drastic sound changes, uses a modified alphabet based on the Kiyatsic model, which I shall post at a later date.


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