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Guess what. After a multi-year bout of writer’s block, I managed to write three sets of lyrics in the past week! Sadly, I have no recording equipment (specifically, a microphone,) which means I can’t add vocals to the music tracks, which means this post will contain lyrics only.

Master of the Storm

Late at night as the world is wrapped in sleep
Something disturbs the waters running deep
Something winds through the night and breaks the calm
A sort of magic goes off just like a bomb

*Prepare for noise
And devastation
Master of the Storm

Lightning crashes a fire in the night
Rain and fire set everything alight
Burn it all and then wash it all away
An all encompassing flash of disarray

[Repeat *]
[Guitar Solo]

Chaos reigns as the winds begin to blow
Lightning strike burning everything you know
Wipe it clean with the fire and the rain
Let them know things will never be the same

[Repeat *]


Something went wrong a million years too late
A single judgment error sealed your final fate
Eternity alone in neither Heaven nor Hell
Somewhere in between is the space where you must dwell
Now you hear the call a chance to see redemption
To end your tedious misery and be forgiven
Open up the gates open up your heart
A second chance at paradise that once was lost

Believer spread your wings and fly into the sun

Don’t care how it came don’t care where it’s from
Don’t care how you got it you’ve waited for so long
A chance to return forgiveness is at hand
A chance to take your life back a chance to make amends
Maybe you heard wrong maybe it’s a trap
But if you don’t act now there’ll be no second chance
Hope it’s not a trick last chance for your soul
Get ready to move forward last chance here you go

Receiver let them know you’re not the only one

Believer spread your wings and fly into the sun
Receiver let them know you’re not the only one
Redeemer a chance to set right what once went wrong

Believer spread your wings and fly into the sun
Receiver let them know you’re not the only one
Redeemer a chance to set right what once went wrong
Messenger fly back to the home where you belong

Portrait of the Dead Princess

She walks in shadow; she walks in moonlight
She is a vision of the regal charm you’ve come to expect
She walks with grace; she walks with purpose
Beneath the charm there lies a heart so cold no one can defrost

She carries burdens that you will never understand
What’s in your head is not for your eyes to behold
Now she’s holding nothing back destroying everything she sees

*She will rule with passion and with pain
Watching everything engulfed in flames
Laughing with a lunatic’s desire
Watching her work; dancing on the funeral pyre

She is an artist, a painter with blood
She will design your devastation with a flair for the art
She does not rule; she does not conquer
She only wants those things that come with the chaos she loves

Are you enamored? Do you feel fascination or terror?
Will you resist? Will you run away or submit?
There is no shame fleeing what you can’t defeat

**Beauty in the chaos that she brings
A fire in the belly of the beast
A sacrifice to keep her satisfied
And still you cannot bring yourself to part from her side

[Repeat *]
[Repeat **]

Now you’re too far gone to ever return
Your soul belongs to her forever more
Your will is gone your mind is but a blank
You’ll join her as she dances on ashes of your world


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