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OOC: Well, I’m a slacker, so instead of more language information, or G-d forbid, an actual narrative story, below the fold you’ll find an explanation of the native Atlantean alphabet.

OOC: I should also take this time to point out that another verbal infix, -thai- has been added to last week’s grammar post.

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In 1175BC, when the Trojo-Latin scholar/adventurer, Tivasis visited Atlantis for the first time, he recorded two of the four known Atlantean tongues in a modified Greek alphabet. In addition to this, documents survive in the Vatican library of Atlantean texts in a native writing system. Though the two tongues, spoken in the eastern prairies and deciduous forest, are notably different, careful study reveals strong correspondences between the two, making a common ancestor highly likely. Decipherment was aided by the fact that the native Atlantean writing system is a featural system, which means that the shape of the letters encodes phonological information, as opposed to using pictures to represent sounds, as the Phoenicians did. The Linguistics department at Leipzig has reconstructed a hypothesized Proto-Atlantean language which will be outlined below.

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