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Category Archives: Ninazu Mythos

The Atlantean Language family appears to have died out completely with the loss of the continent. From the documents secured by the Alba Longan explorer, Tivasis, we can determine that it is completely unrelated to any of the nearby Indo-European, Afro-Asiatic, or Vasconic language families. After the break you will find a brief outline of Kiyatsic grammar. Kiyatsic was chosen due to its conservative nature, meaning its grammar remained very close to the proto language.
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Lecture by Dr. Gunther Schwinghammer, Professor of Archaeology, University of Leipzig
Transcribed and translated by Alain Lefevre, senior fellow at the Paris Institute for Crypto-Archaeology

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Dear Mr. Crowley,

I am pleased to hear of your interest in Sumerian Magical History. I apologize for the delay in this reply, but I was unable to locate the requested information in our library. As such I am indebted to Professors Michel LeFevre of the Catholic University of Paris, and Christopher Higgins of Columbia. I have enclosed their contact information if you wish to correspond directly with them.

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