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OOC: Well, I’m a slacker, so instead of more language information, or G-d forbid, an actual narrative story, below the fold you’ll find an explanation of the native Atlantean alphabet.

OOC: I should also take this time to point out that another verbal infix, -thai- has been added to last week’s grammar post.

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The “Introduction to Atlantis” post has been modified.

Okay, so when I started this thing, I said I was going to do more than just political stuff…

…and then proceeded to do nothing but political stuff.

The problem with the political commentary is that once you do enough of it for months in a row, it becomes inappropriate to do anything else. So I’ve decided to delete everything and make a fresh start.

There will, of course, still be the occasional political post, but I’m going to try and not have it dominate the blog like it did before.